Clinical Research

Deeply ingrained in our culture at CCS, is our commitment to clinical research. We are part of the Pediatric Clinical Trials Network and our collaboration with NHRMC is always pushing us to uncover better ways to administer treatment and nutrition or prevent diseases. Our number one priority is the safety of our medically fragile patients and our number one goal is to improve and elevate the lives of neonates and children through state-of-the-art research. By bringing together a variety of perspectives and backgrounds, Coastal Children’s Services has developed an exceptional research program. Our team is constantly reviewing protocol and pushing forward to advance knowledge and solve the problems that impact the health of children in southeastern North Carolina.

Pediatric Research Philosophy
Contributing to the development of treatments, drugs and devices specific to children is an important part of the Coastal Children’s Services mission. Children have often had to accept treatments and medications based on what is known to work in adults despite the fact that their metabolic pathways and organic functions differ widely. Even results from pediatric trials cannot be extrapolated to neonates. Neonates acquire conditions that occur exclusively in newborns, such as meconium aspiration syndrome and necrotizing enterocolitis. With that and the fact that off-label use is more rampant in newborns than in older children, pediatric and neonatal research are both priorities.

In addition to being a member of the Pediatric Clinical Trials Network, an alliance of clinical research sites cooperating in the design and conduct of pediatric clinical trials, Coastal Children’s Services also engages in pediatric research with independent sponsors and physicians to benefit the pediatric community at large.

Reseach Vision

To be a pioneer in the advancement of pediatric medicine through clinical research

Research Mission
To improve the lives of children by advancing evidence-based knowledge in pediatric care