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2019 Southeastern Pediatric Nutrition Conference presentations

Food Selectivity, Nutrient Status/Intake, and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Sharp/Berry Presentation pdf

Video presentation

Understanding Defined Nutritional Therapies for Children with IBD

Kim presentation pdf

Zettle presentation pdf

Eosinophilic Esophagitis: The Many Pitfalls in Diagnosis and Management: PPIs, Endoscopies, Drugs, Diets and Beyond

Atkins presentation pdf

Venter presentation pdf

Video presentation

Pediatric Nutrition on Managing Kids with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes/Obesity

Kotlyarveska presentation pdf

Thivierge presentation pdf

Video presentation

Fatty Liver Disease

Xanthakos presentation pdf

Video presentation

Bariatric Surgery for Teens with Severe Obesity

Xanthakos presentation pdf

Sewell presentation pdf

Video presentation

The “Heart” of Adolescent Obesity

Loehr presentation pdf

Loehr video

Video presentation

Plant-based Diet in Relationship to Prevention of Obesity in Children

Peterson presentation

Video presentation

2019 Exhibitor Partners