NICU Transport Services

Newborn Patient Transfers

For critical care patients in outlying areas, we offer round-the-clock transport services to our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at the Betty H. Cameron Women's and Children's Hospital with our skilled neonatal transport team.

The neonatal/pediatric critical care transport vehicle is capable of transporting two neonatal isolettes or two transport stretchers and a crew of up to six medical personnel and a driver. A DVD player with built-in flat-screen monitor, soft interior colors with a beach theme, and ceiling panels resembling the sky filled with hot air balloons, make the ride a little less scary and provide a welcome distraction for children. The cab of the ambulance is capable of transporting the parents of a patient in relative comfort with an available video monitor to see how their child is doing and relieving a little of the stress of emergency situations. A small refrigerator to provide bottled water, MI-FI for a laptop and cellular phone to contact family are also comforting to parents making the trip with their child.


All of the equipment and medical supplies that stock this ambulance, including heart monitors, defibrillators, heart pacer, ventilators and a dedicated laptop, ensure that the specially trained team of medical workers can provide a high level of expert care to even the smallest neonatal patients.

neonatal transport Truck.jpg