NICU Family Support

NICU Family Resources

Through multidisciplinary collaboration and a dedicated and creative team, we make families comfortable and welcome in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Betty H. Cameron Women's and Children's Hospital. We are a family-centered facility and are comitted to the care of our tiny patients.

Some of the ways we improve a family's stay include:

  • Family coordinator rounding in NICU

  • Thursday night NICU family dinner

  • Mother's Milk Club Luncheon

  • Peer to Peer support for Ante-partum families includes rounding, NICU tours, and craft cart

  • Homeward Bound class

  • NICU Sibling story time, craft and snack event

  • Dad to Dad Support (by request)

  • Special holiday celebrations for NICU families and staff (Thanksgiving,  Christmas, Easter, Summer BBQ, Labor Day)

  • Semi-annual planting of the NICU Family garden

  • 3 Kangaroo-a-thons per year


NICU Family Coordinators and select Neonatal Family Advisors have engaged as valued team members on Quality Improvement work for over 8 years.  We represent the family voice on numerous hospital based committees and QI teams, VON QI teams, and VON travel teams. 

Some of our contributions through the years are listed below:

  • Developmental Follow Up

  • NHRMC Board of Trustees Quality & Patient Safety Retreat

  • Practice Council

  • NICU Model of Care-Kaizen Event

  • NICU Model of Care Value Stream Mapping

  • NICQ NEXT2-Teams and Teamwork

  • iNICQ2016-Choosing Antibiotics Wisely

  • NICQ Next-Optimizing Nutrition/Minimizing NEC

  • iNICQ Improving outcomes for Infants & Families affected by Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome              

  • NICQ Infection Control