Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

COVID-19 NICU Precautions
We need your help to keep babies, families & staff safe!

Mandatory face mask 

•Masks must  be worn  in all NICU public areas and patient rooms  

•The only exceptions are when sleeping on couch in baby’s room  and eating/drinking in public family areas


Disinfect mobile phones & wash hands

•When entering NICU lobby, please place phones in AUVS phone disinfecting box to sanitize phone 

•Scrub hands for 3 minutes prior to entering the NICU


NICU entry & exit protections 

•Parents welcome in the NICU 24/7 

•Please remember that entry and exit from the  NICU  is prohibited between  the hours of 7pm & 7am 

•Have all food & personal items needed to spend the night in place prior to the 7pm curfew 

NICU Facilities
The neonatal unit (NICU) is a modern, 45-bed, all private room facility. Complimenting our unit's progressive design is CCN’s progressive, research-based approach to treatment. In addition to offering the latest evidence-based approach to treatments and therapies, we regularly participate in clinical research with other neonatal centers across the country, the results of which directly benefit premature or critically ill newborns.


Our neonatologists enjoy academic appointment at the UNC School of Medicine, and each has academic or administrative interests, including: quality improvement, neuroprotection, neonatal ethics, clinical research, and developmental follow-up.