Our pediatric neurology team is highly trained in the areas of pediatric neurology, neuro-development and sleep disorders. Common conditions treated include behavioral problems, movement disorders, concussions and brain disorders.

Conditions Treated
  • Concussions

  • Sleep disordered breathing

  •  (sleep apnea, snoring)

  • Upper airway abnormalities

  • Behavior problems

  • (bedtime struggles, night awakenings)

  • Sleep walking

  • Sleep terrors

  • Narcolepsy

  • Apnea of infancy

  • Sleeplessness, insomnia

  • Sleep schedule abnormalities (circadian rhythm disorders, delayed sleep phase syndrome)

  • Movement disorders (restless leg syndrome,

  • periodic limb movement disorder, head banging)


Our Team
Sasidharan Taravath, MD
Pediatric Neurologist,
Medical Director, Sleep Disorders, & Pediatric Neurodiagnostics Program
Christine Tangredi, MD
Pediatric Neurologist
Medical Director, Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
Megan Peedin, RN, MSN, FNP-C

Pediatric Sleep and Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at NHRMC

The NHRMC Betty H. Cameron Women's & Children's Hospital is home to the only epilepsy monitoring and sleep disorder study unit for children in our community. The Pediatric Sleep Disorders Center and Epilepsy Monitoring Unit is part of the recent addition of a pediatric neurology specialty to the Women's & Children's Hospital. Special equipment has been installed on the second floor of the hospital that allows for close study and recording of pediatric patients with suspected seizure activity and those with sleep disturbances.

Epilepsy Monitoring Unit:

Access to the epilepsy monitoring unit allows for several days of close study and recording by a monitor technician, who observes the patient via video feed at all times. A multidisciplinary team that includes the pediatric neurologist, EEG technologists, a pediatric hospitalist physician, nurses and other specialists work together to evaluate, diagnose and treat seizures.


Pediatric Sleep Disorders Center:

Patients are admitted for a one-night study during which time a registered sleep technician measures and records results using highly specialized equipment. The pediatric neurologist then uses this information to diagnose specific sleep disorders and prescribes appropriate treatment.

Concussion Clinic:
Patients seen in our concussion clinic are typically referred through their PCP after either an initial visit to urgent care or the ED following a concussion. We try to work these patients in within the first few days following the concussion to get the best assessment of their symptoms, both physiologic and psychological. We have set clinic appointments on Mondays and Wednesdays but we do work patients in on other clinic days if they need to be seen and evaluated. Initial appointments typically take an hour, the nurse administers a questionnaire followed by computerized physical tests which assess gait and balance (utilizing sensors placed on arms, legs and around the patient's waist) as well as a neuropsychological test (computerized exam taken on a laptop) which evaluates attention, ability to follow tasks and transition between tasks appropriately. After the concussion testing is done, the patient is seen by either Dr. Taravath or myself and we complete a complete physical neurologic exam. We use the information gathered from the patient's history , our physical exam and the results of the concussion study to tailor an individualized treatment plan for the patient. These patients are usually followed up in our clinic in short intervals, typically within the next 1-2 weeks. 

To make an appointment with any of our subspecialists,

please contact your primary care physician.


For more information, you may reach the Nunnelee Clinic at 910.667.6888

REFERRAL LINE: 910-662-8941